A lecture by National Geographic magazine photographer Brian Skerry cannot be beat when planning an important event. Blending stunning imagery, humor and an engaging speaking style that captivates, Brian transports the audience into realms rarely visited and brings them eye-to-eye with amazing creatures. His exciting explorations and award winning story-telling abilities create a uniquely inspiring experience. Tens of thousands of people have been entertained by Brian’s presentations in cities worldwide.

For corporate clients, themes such as risk management, perseverance and teamwork are highlighted through Brian’s decades of experience planning and executing complex expeditions that deliver results. As a leading voice in marine conservation, Brian also frequently presents programs about vanishing wildlife and environmental threats as well as offering solutions and hope for the future of Earth’s oceans. He is a regular guest on television programs such as the TODAY Show, Good Morning America and CBS Sunday Morning.

Brian’s lectures also offer a rare behind-the-scenes look at how his photographs are made, as he shares insights on overcoming challenges in the field.  While on assignment Brian has been lost at sea, nipped by sharks, chased by a sperm whale, “stabbed” by a German U-Boat and once surfaced in a blizzard from a dive in 29-degree water to witness his boat sinking.  These personal anecdotes of “surviving the assignment” are often more compelling than the story itself!

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