Editorial Assignments

As experienced editors know, the most valued photographers are those that deliver results consistently assignment after assignment. With a career that spans four decades, the last twenty years as a National Geographic magazine contract photographer, Brian Skerry has a track record that is unmatched with editorial stories related to the water. He regularly works in environments of extreme contrast shooting stories in shallow streams and ponds as well as beneath polar ice and remote tropical reefs.

Behind the iconic images Brian has produced lies years of experience during which he has learned how to excel in any environment. He has cultivated relationships with leading scientists of every marine discipline as well as with fishermen, pilots, boat operators and dive guides in locations around the globe, creating a network of valuable talent that can be called upon during assignments. Working with this team of experts Brian is able to produce the finest photographs in the least amount of time, therefore reducing costs.

Although Brian specializes in underwater photography, most of the stories he photographs have strong surface components as well and he is able to easily navigate coverages requiring a multi-dimensional approach. Blending photographic styles ranging from natural history to social documentary to adventure, he has documented complex issues such as the global fish crisis, aquaculture and marine reserves. While working on a story about harp seals in Canada, Brian became the first journalist permitted aboard a seal hunting boat in 17 years.

With a strong sense of visual narrative and experience in layout and design, Brian delivers photographic coverage tailored to the client’s specifications. Among the clients for whom Brian has photographed editorial assignments are National Geographic magazine, Smithsonian magazine, The Nature Conservancy magazine, German GEO and The Boston Globe.

Whether planning a 3-month expedition in the sea off Madagascar or a 2-day shoot on a pond in Minnesota, Brian will make the frames and get the story. To discuss editorial assignments with Brian Skerry please contact us.

Stay on top of what Brian’s doing and where he’s appearing.