Advertising Assignments

In addition to his editorial work, Brian Skerry is also available for commercial assignments. If your campaign involves anything underwater from mermaids in a swimming pool to sharks in the sea, Brian will deliver the results you want.

Over his forty-year career, Brian has worked with art directors and coordinators to produce specific looks to images and campaigns. We use a wide variety of lighting equipment and techniques from surface and underwater HMI lighting (movie lights) to banks of underwater strobes, slaves, tungsten lights and more to create the perfect image.

We also have underwater communication equipment, so the art director doesn’t ever have to get wet! Surface communications equipment allows directors to talk to Brian underwater and make adjustments until the shot is in the can. The combination of underwater communication gear and digital cameras with feeds to surface monitors make underwater shoots easy for the surface team to direct.

Swimming pools can be turned into studios where fashion models or athletes are photographed in stunning detail. Or if the campaign requires ponds, lakes, coral reefs or the deep sea, we’ve got you covered.

For commercial assignments, Brian is represented by National Geographic Creative. For more information please contact Sara Papademetriou at or Rachel De Ruyter at and visit National Geographic Creative


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