Ocean Soul


Ocean Soul is a love story. It is a story of discovery. It is a story of hope.

The story begins when a boy who loves the sea attends an event with underwater photographers and has an epiphany: “I had always wanted to explore the oceans, but I now understood how I would do this. I would do it with a camera.” With sheer determination, hard work, and a little bit of luck the boy, named Brian Skerry, realized his dream with more than 20 awe-inspiring articles for National Geographic magazine. Now, with Ocean Soul, he showcases his stunning photography and describes his adventurous life in a gripping portrait of the ocean as a place of beauty and mystery, a place in trouble, and ultimately, a place of hope that will rebound with the proper attention and care.


“The renowned marine-life photojournalist shares behind-the-scenes stories of documenting elusive, bizarre, and increasingly endangered sea creatures, from the alienlike firely squid to the mammoth right whale.”

Entertainment Weekly


“Stunning whale and seal portraits and kaleidoscopic photos of tropical fish and coral…”

Boston Magazine


“Skerry’s photographs and accompanying text are at once fascinating, moving, and inspirational.”

Library Journal


“It’s a stunning showcase of underwater images.”

The Huffington Post



“Few photographers can do what Brian Skerry has mastered throughout his career: capturing the ocean’s beauty and vulnerability, whether it’s in remote places or in plain sight. Ocean Soul allows readers to see a spectacular universe, populated by beguiling turtles, fierce sharks and bizarre fish. You can’t get any closer without a scuba tank.”

–Juliet Eilperin; Washington Post reporter and author of Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks


“Ocean Soul reveals an important and unreachable realm few ever are able to see. I have spent my adult life behind a camera attempting to share nature’s miracle in photographs. Brian Skerry has sought and captured imagery that I have not or ever will see. I am transfixed and at the same time humbled by the extraordinary moments he has given us in this new book.”

–Jim Brandenburg; photographer, author & filmmaker


“Brian Skerry’s Ocean Soul is not just the title of his book; it’s the best way to describe his being. He is an ocean soul, and this book’s wide-ranging, astonishingly captured photographic sweep says it all.”

–Carl Safina; author of Song For The Blue Ocean and The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World


“Brian Skerry is living his dream within the pages of his newest book Ocean Soul. His images are simply magical. His attention to detail is remarkable and his choice of subjects, exposed to his journalistic style and photo-portrayal approach, is the reward the viewer will remember forever. Rare moments with a master photographer!!”

–Ernie Brooks; underwater photographer and author


“With revered photographer Brian Skerry, dive into the blue heart of the ocean and explore the liquid realm that makes life on Earth possible. In finding the soul of the ocean, Skerry touches ours.”

–Sylvia Earle, legendary marine scientist, explorer and author



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